A downloadable mod for Windows

Hello. My name's DaRetrou28

Welcome to the Baldi's Basics Playable as Playtime.

A playable mod about the jumprope girl.

What does this game feature?

The game features-

You can now play as Playtime

Collecting 21 Jumpropes

No one will distract you, except for It's A Bully and Arts And Crafters

A different ending...

No math

This mod may have some bugs, glitches, and other stuffs that I will probably fix in the future.

WARNING!! Using another Assembly-CSHARP breaks the game. You can't use mod menu.


Gzoonk For: Cleaning In Baldi's School Mod

X606 For his Become Baldi Mod

CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars


Baldi's Basics Play As Playtime Mod.rar 39 MB


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Can you make it for android?

for real baldi kill me in the secret ending

tell me

yes thats what i want to be first i turn into gotta sweep and now playtime

Oh, ok bro....

351 days oh god